12th Generation Intel processors, new cores, new thinking, extremely increased performance!

Der Intel® Core™ Desktop-Prozessor der 12. Generation definiert Leistung neu

Introducing a new performance hybrid architecture that combines powerful cores with efficient cores, giving you greater gaming, productivity and creative potential!

These groundbreaking processors pave the way for future leaps in processor design. Enjoy the full range of the latest innovations such as PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory compatibility and take your PC performance to new levels. No other desktop processor has this capability. Combined with Intel Ultra High Definition graphics with up to 8K HDR, you get crystal clear

Screen performance that gives you a real experience in your own home. Add the ability to view four 4K displays simultaneously and take your gaming, rendering and design to the next level.

12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors are available in a variety of options for maximum flexibility, allowing you to choose the performance and thermal characteristics you need to play, work and create like never before.

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