13th Gen Intel Processors, Change Your Game For The Better!

In addition to the already successful Gaming K models that launched in the middle of the third quarter, Intel is adding core models to the lineup aimed at schools, offices and public sector vertical markets. So what’s different?

The I5 core lineup starts with the I5-13400, which has 10 cores and 16 threads. This results in approximately 11% higher P-Core base clock and 18% higher clock speed. higher E-Core base clock than the Core i5-12600K. Notice anything? That’s right, no i5-12400… it’s actually better than the i5-12600k, which was Intel’s flagship Core I5 ​​gaming processor for 2022! Which really bodes well for the rest of the range.

We see similar improvements in the entry-level core range, with the i3-13100 being 70% better than its predecessor i3-12100 in terms of CPU frequency alone. Those are a few highlights, the range includes 15 models and we are seeing improvement across all models… which is a great start for Intel.

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