About Us

In May 2001, Platinum was founded with the mission to “ensure the ethical sourcing and delivery of the highest quality products at competitive prices, all underpinned by award-winning customer service”.

As a company and individuals, we were young, enthusiastic, determined and extremely ambitious. We were also three people working from one bedroom!

I’m proud to say we’ve grown through some steep learning curves, scaled and continue to deliver results year after year. What has been true since day one is our belief that building partnerships instead of accounts and creating value instead of short-term profits leads to better results in the long term. We have learned to do this effectively and with integrity, investing time, trust and commitment to make the difference.

You’re wondering what a difference it is, and as we continue to analyze the supply chain management process, we recognize and drive every possible overall gain through service, finance, freight, pricing, procurement and exchange rate management, to name a few Headlines. It is a blueprint that we now apply to all of our partners who work with us. We see ourselves as partners with our customers, suppliers, employees and our community and our goals remain moderate growth, annual profitability and maintaining our sense of humor.

In a small back room in 2001, we applied these principles to three local clients. Today we deliver IT solutions to partners in over 30 countries.

Welcome to a world full of differences.

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