Intel Launches 4th Generation Xeon Processors!

Platinum Components’ latest line of 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors feature the most integrated accelerators of any CPU on the market. These purpose-built accelerators offer a range of features to manage power, performance and security while optimizing CPU resources.

  • Accelerate CPU performance for the fastest growing workload types
  • Up to 10x faster for artificial intelligence workloads – Thhink Chat GPT, automated AI CRM
  • Up to 2x faster for networking and storage workloads
  • Up to 3x faster for data analysis workloads

Are you having CPU bandwidth issues?

The Intel® Xeon® Max series are the only x86-based processors with integrated high-bandwidth memory (HBM) as standard. They are designed to accelerate the Intel® Xeon® platform and accelerate memory-bound HPCs and AI workloads.

  • Up to 4.8x better performance for real-world workloads – think metaverse creation
  • Up to 5x better memory bandwidth performance compared to competitors
  • Up to 20x faster for Numenta AI technology compared to other CPUs
  • Up to 8.6x performance improvement without code change compared to current HPC systems

View the full range of 4th Generation Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors – 4th Generation Intel Scalable Processors