By knowing your products, you know your market and by knowing your competition, you are always one step ahead. The right product balance is key, focus is everything. As we select and develop our core product portfolio, we continually evolve and identify where we can deliver the greatest value to our customers, be it a service, time or commercial advantage, it is a tangible, measurable benefit.

This coupled with our commitment to high levels of inventory, product expertise and market knowledge ensures that every customer receives the products they need in a timely and complete manner, enabling them in turn to supply their customers to the exacting standards they require.

The vast majority of our deliveries are next day. We hold stocks of up to 10 million in 2 warehouses within the EU. Together with our regular communication and transparency, this creates a true partnership that enables better inventory management for all customers and therefore cash flow to invest in their next projects.

By favouring a narrow core product portfolio, we ensure our focus delivers value where it matters most. If you are reading this for the first time and are thinking about the specific benefits of partnering with Platinum, please take a look at our core portfolio below. Please contact us, we would be happy to hear from you.


Platinum are an Intel Gold Alliance Member and supply both Intel desktop and Xeon processors. We supply processors in both Retail box for resellers and OEM tray to reduce waste on production lines.

We also stock AMD desktop and EPYC processors.

Processors are the fundamental backbone of our range and our area of expertise. From Legacy 1st Generation Intel right up to the latest 14th Gen Raptor lake, we stock the range and can provide the solution to meet your needs.


With the motherboard being the central hub of a PC, it’s key we supply the best vendor products in the market.

We supply both Intel and AMD chipset and sockets from key vendors ASUS, MSI & Gigabyte.

Motherboards have numerous socket types, chipsets and form factors, so make sure you’ve got the right configuration before buying. It’s key to ensure the Processor, RAM, SSD, HDD and GPU all plug in correctly before selecting your model.

Memory RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is where data the CPU is working with is temporarily stored, the more RAM is generally better. Speed, measured in MHz, is another consideration, as is latency, but most importantly memory needs to be compatible with your motherboard: it’ll either be DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5.

We specialise in suppling Kingston, Crucial and Samsung desktop, laptop and server ram.

Although we can supply Legacy Ram DDR3 etc.. our core range is DDR4 and DDR5 Udimm for desktop PC’s and Sodimm for laptop and Notebooks.

Hard Disk Drives

Platinum specialise in supplying both Internal and External Hard Disk Drives.

We supply Seagate range of Barracuda, Skyhawk, IronWolf and IronWolf Pro and Exos. We’re here to cover your CCTV, NAS, and desktop design and builds.

The supply the full Western Digital range, Purple Surveillance, Gold enterprise and also supply Red NAS, Black Gaming and Blue desktop HDD.

Partial Toshiba range, P300 Desktop and Canvio External drives along with Kioxia Enterprise.

Graphics Cards

From entry level GT 710 to the latest RTX4090 cards we range GPU from well know vendors ASUS, MSI, PNY and Gigabyte.

We also supply Nvidia GPU for AI LLM server and are working in conjunction with several Edge AI ODM to provide solutions for your IoT and Edge AI requirements. Please speak to our team by clicking on chat below.

Solid State Drives

Our key 2.5″and NMVe SSD models are Samsung, Crucial, Kingston and Solidigm. We also supply Western Digital SSD.

With Samsung we range, Evo, Qvo, 970 Plus, 980, 980 pro and 990 pro models.

Kingston A400, NV2 are our focus ranges, however in order to meet all partner requirements we have full supply across the range.

EDGE AI, Surveillance and Tech. Security.

With Security, Edge AI and surveillance increasing we are working with suppliers and ODM’s to provide Edge AI technology to help control traffic flow, port shipping control and manufacturing chain solutions. We also have established partners who can provide Home and office CCTV solutions. Please click here to find out more.